How to avail new pay day loans in California?


How to avail new pay day loans in California?

California payday loans are of great help particularly when you are short on cash and days away from your next payday. Firms offering pay day loans across the state feature easy application following a quick check on the qualifications, and immediate money into your account.

An understanding about the loans may help make obtaining and repaying them easier. Also, one needs to be compliant with specific laws of the state regarding the use of payday loans.

What Is a Payday Loan

A payday loan is a small dollar loan between $100-$255 that is designed to help you pay for immediate expenses until your next payday. The loan balance is usually repaid on your next payday. Firms offer up to $255 payday loans online in California.

Some of the features of California payday loans comprise:

  • Maximum loan amount not to exceed $255.
  • Loan term should not exceed 31 days.
  • Fee Schedule and APR
  • One needs to have an open and active checking account

Borrowing for the Short Term

Payday loans feature shorter time periods in which to pay the loan back without incurring any penalty.  Unlike larger loans one is expected to pay the loan back within a few weeks, mostly on your next payday.

Pllayers in California offer loans ranging from $100 to $250 for approved, first-time customers. One can apply for payday loans by furnishing various details comprising your name and address, a checking account with a bank, a phone number and active email address. Application process can be done in a jiffy. Some of the players do not need good credit to qualify for quick payday loans in California. You can also have the convenience of applying for the loan anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or a computer in just five minutes.  

Having chosen the amount and time, various details are furnished consisting of total amount due, repayment date, APR and applicable fees without having to provide any personal information.

What makes California payday loan alternative quick

Generally the entire process is quick thanks to the online facility starting from the application to funding.  One can do away with the unnecessary hassles like hectic traffic or extensive paper work. One need not also have to get paper statements from various creditors or finanical institutions.

Firms in general also do not run a hard credit check on your account. We also do not rely on a traditional credit check (FICO) and instead perform a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score.

Preventing debt cycle

Companies help clients from falling into a debt cycle by offering free financial education. You can take help from these courses to learn how to manage your resources responsibly.

Most firms do not have hidden fees. Operating with clear terms and conditions, all the information is kept confidential. Firms also do not allow unsolicited calls from third parties. Players in California feature fast and easy online application. Instant decision is provided regarding the loan approval.


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